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Non-Highway Diesel

Springer Eubank is eastern North Carolina’s fuel authority, offering around-the-clock access as well as reliable delivery of both highway and non-highway diesels. For those in the Wilmington area who rely on non-highway diesel (also known as off road diesel), Springer Eubank happily provides it, for a competitive price and always with the most reliable service standards. Springer Eubank is located in Wilmington, just outside the shipyard area, but provides delivery throughout the region.

What are the uses of off road diesel?

off road diesel deliveryDiesel fuel is generally known for its role in the trucking and freight industry, but of course there are many other uses that it provides as well. Though not widely different from highway diesel, non-highway diesel is distinguished by its red tint and by its lower cost, as it is typically exempt from road taxes, but still nonexempt from sales tax. Springer Eubank is proud to provide the delivery of non-highway diesel for a competitive price.

And around the eastern North Carolina area, the need for non-highway diesel is widespread. Non-highway diesel fuel is used in farm equipment, in construction equipment, and beyond. Additionally, non-highway diesel can be used as a home heating oil, and in fact is a preferred heating oil source among many home and business owners.

Springer Eubanks delivers non-highway diesel to southeastern NC

Regardless of your need for non-highway diesel, Springer Eubank is proud to provide it. The company is strategically located just outside the dock area of Wilmington, North Carolina, where it is able to provide reliable and convenient access to non-highway diesel. The company is proud to offer off-road diesel delivery—an easy way to ensure that you’re never at a loss for this vital fuel product!

Non-Highway Diesel Fuel from Springer Eubank

Springer Eubank provides 24/7/365 access to non-highway diesel through its reliable and friendly delivery services. Those who wish to set up a non-highway diesel delivery service are invited to call Springer Eubank today:

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