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Highway Diesel

nc diesel deliveryLocated just outside the entrance to the shipyards in Wilmington, North Carolina, Springer Eubank is an eastern NC fuel delivery company that is widely known for its array of high-quality products and its reliable delivery services. In particular, Springer Eubank is known for the provision of highway diesel products—and indeed, Springer Eubank is heralded by many North Carolina businesses and consumers as the leading name in diesel delivery.

What are the benefits of diesel fuel?

Springer Eubank is proud to be known as eastern North Carolina’s diesel authority—but why? Simply put, highway diesel is necessary for fueling many of the vehicles that are so pivotal to our economy and our transportation infrastructure. Any truck or large carrier with a diesel engine needs highway diesel in order to run, and Springer Eubank is happy to provide it to businesses throughout the Wilmington, North Carolina area.

What’s more, diesel fuel is becoming a better and better product all the time. In recent years, new technological innovations have enabled the dramatic reduction of the sulfur content in highway diesel, which means that its environmental impact has been significantly dampened, with no adverse effect on cost or on function.

Springer Eubanks provides highway diesel to eastern North Carolina

Springer Eubank has a strategic headquarters near the docks in Wilmington, which enables the company to provide easy access to affordable, high-quality highway diesel. The company makes this diesel available to local business owners and truck drivers at its corporate office and pump, but it also provides delivery services. In short, there is no easier way for North Carolinians to access highway diesel than at Springer Eubank!

Highway diesel from Springer Eubank

Springer Eubank’s pumping station provides around-the-clock access to highway diesel, and is located at 123 Shipyard Blvd, beside the entrance to the state shipyards. To locate the pumping station, simply use the map at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, those who wish to set up a highway diesel delivery service can call Springer Eubank today:

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