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Ethanol Free Gas

Based in Wilmington NC, Springer Eubank delivers ethanol free gas to businesses in eastern North Carolina, and provides the general public in Wilmington with access to a location to purchase ethanol -free gas at the pumps, thereby offering greater fuel mileage and increased longevity of engines where ethanol has been known cause damage.

What is ethanol free gas and what are the advantages of using it?

ethanol free gas deliveryTo understand what ethanol free gas is, and how it affects engines, it is first imperative to know what ethanol is, and why it’s produced. Ethanol is another term for ethyl alcohol, and is a flammable, colorless liquid, used primarily as a motor fuel additive. Derived from corn, there are about 14 billion gallons of it produced in the U.S. each year—the overwhelming majority of which goes straight into motor fuels. Even though it has been cited as a way to lower emissions, it has also been found in some independent studies to be particularly hazardous to the environment—pointing to some potential advantages of ethanol free gas products. Sadly, such products are relatively difficult to find, as government regulations strongly favor ethanol enhanced fuels as a way to stretch our country’s oil supplies and lower our dependence on foreign oil.

For some consumers, ethanol-added gasoline is fine, but there are many who prefer the extra power and purity of ethanol free gas. It is also quite common to notice higher fuel mileage when using gasoline that doesn’t have ethanol added to it. Additionally, ethanol based gasoline can cause damage to engines that use carburation, such as older vehicles, boats, ATVs, motorcycles and outdoor power equipment.

Non-ethanol fuel delivery to commercial customers in eastern North Carolina

Springer Eubank delivers non-ethanol gas throughout eastern North Carolina and can supply your company fleets, or if you are a reseller we can keep your supply tanks full on a regular basis so you can provide a location to consumers where they can purchase gasoline that doesn’t have ethanol added to it. Since very few gas stations carry non-ethanol gasoline, the gas resellers that choose to offer it have the advantage over their competition when local consumers search for locations that offer gas without ethanol.

Fuel up your cars, boats, ATV’s and power equipment at Springer Eubank in Wilmington NC

For those that are local to Wilmington, Springer Eubank offers non-ethanol gasoline at our pumps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 123 Shipyard Blvd near the entrance to the state shipyards. Just follow the map at the bottom of this page.

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